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Wednesdays 8-9:30 am

Golden Triangle Planning and Development District
106 Miley Drive
Starkville, Mississippi

Use rear parking lot and entrance. We'll be in the conference room, first door on your right.

Visitor Registration:

To best serve you, please take a moment prior to the meeting to register your visit.

what to expect

What to bring: Around 35 business cards and also, you will be given the opportunity to present 60 seconds on your business.

What to wear: Dress as you normally do for your business. Most come in business casual.

Format of the meeting: There is open networking from 8:00-8:15, then the meeting starts with a round of introductions and education from the leadership team, then everyone gets the chance to do a 60 second weekly presentation (be aware - it is timed!). 

The members go first, and then the visitors. There is a 10 minute presentation from someone in the group about their business. Finally, we go round the table again for the contribution section with referrals and testimonials. Again, once all the members have done their referrals etc., they then ask the visitors to say something positive about the group or, if you have any referrals, you can give them but it's not expected.

You may stay after the meeting for visitor orientation – this is just for visitors and is an opportunity to ask any questions you may have or just to let us know how you felt about the meeting.